Winter Special!!!!!!

First month 27,000yen! (plus utility fees)
Come to Guest House Shinjuku!
*First time only (it won't be applied after the first time)

Accommodation Fees

Accommodation fee for 30 days is 36,000yen PLUS utilities.
Your stay has to be at least for a month. We have to charge you for the first month even if you are staying less than a month. (We can not charge you daily basis for the first month.)
<Long Term Discount>
After 1 year: 33,000yen / 30 days (plus utility fees)
After 2 years: 30,000yen / 30 days (plus utility fees)


10,000yen deposit is required.


1 minute walk from Waseda station on Toden Arakawa Line.
(Note that the Toden Arakawa Line is a tram, not metro).
10 minutes walk from Waseda station on Tokyo Metro
Tozai Line.
15 minutes from both Shinjuku station or Ikebukuro station
by bicycle.


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